We dislike rules and regulations as much as you do, but to ensure fairness and safety we have to have a few rules in place.

Health and Safety:

1. Everyone requires Public Liability Insurance (PLI). If you don’t have it, you can get it from the guys over at fpvleague.co.uk. It costs less than £20 a year. It covers you for any injuries caused to the public whilst flying. We will require a copy of PLI certificate during signup.

2. No powering on whilst craft are flying. If you power on whilst someone’s flying and you wipe out their video, you could cause an accident. We enforce this very heavily, and anyone powering on whilst people are flying will be asked to leave.

3. Nobody on the course apart from marshals during live flying. This is for your own safety. We’ll be beaming all the footage back to the staging area, so you don’t need to sneak onto the course to get a good view.

Craft Rules:

4. Finish the season with the spec you started with. We have no issues with you swapping out what you’ve broke, however scrutineers will be checking to ensure things stay the same, in order to make the races fair.

  • Frames need to be the same type and size (eg. 250 Quad-H).
  • Motors need to be the same size/rating (eg. 1806-2300KV).
  • Batteries need to be the same rating (eg. 3S/4S).
  • Propellers need to be the same size,pitch and blade count (eg. 5030-tri/5045/etc)

5. Limitations

  • Frames must be no larger than 285mm motor to motor
  • Batteries are limited to 4S maximum
  • Propellers are limited to 6″ in size

Here are our best suggestion drone on budget: